I am going to Kisumu!

Chiga community members get water from their new water system. (© Sarah Rice, 2012)

While I would say the wait to find out about my acceptance into the First Fifth was difficult, I think waiting for our project partnerships was simply agonizing.  Mama Hope has a wide variety of amazing projects, from an orphanage in Ghana to a school in Tanzania and a tree nursery in Kenya, I just didn’t know where I was going to be going!

I took an AdvilPM last night so I was quite groggy this morning when I remembered the project postings were slated to go up after I went to bed.  I very gracefully fell out of bed, stumbled over to the computer and tried to make sense of the blurred letters on the screen as I signed into what I hoped was my email account.  My luck held and the screen vaguely resembled the gmail I have grown so accustomed to.  Blinking rapidly, I saw the bolded letters that indicated a new message and clicked the mouse vaguely in their general direction.  It took a few tries, but I finally got the information I was looking for: I will be working on the expansion of a water project and food garden in Kisumu, Kenya!

Cue the excited squeal that had two of my cats come running.

More information regarding this project will be forthcoming after I attend the training in San Francisco on the 18th, but for now I simply feel blessed.  And badly in need of another cup of tea.


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