Calling Kenya…

And the prodigal child returns!

Well, more like she’s been dipped back into humidity and is now wallowing in bed from a travel hang over.

The five Advocates and our bracelets to remind us every day about why we are doing this program.

I had the most fantastic week in California.  I spent four days visiting family followed by four days at the training bootcamp for First Fifth with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.

We had a host of wonderful speakers on everything from public speaking to storytelling and fundraising.  But one of my favorite parts of the conference was speaking to our NGO partners on the ground.  For the water project, I will be partnering with Our Lady of Perpetual Support in Kisumu, Kenya.  One of the other Advocates, Katrina, will also be partnering with OLPS to work on a separate project.  We both got the opportunity to speak on the phone with Anastasia, the Director and I believe founder of OLPS.

It was a fantastic conversation, but I admit here and now I have a long way to go in terms of understanding people through that accent.  Whew!

After our conversation she sent a text to Nyla:

Nyla u are great thank u 4organising the conversation between us.  I feel so happy to hear the voice of [[Katrina]] and [[Sydney]].  I don’t mind how old they may be my happiness and that of OLPS family whom I had told bout them yesterday thro’ phone is God thro’ MAMAHOPE is strengthening our partnership by calling and choosing the two lovely and wise ladies to come and serve together with us next yr.  That sounds to me far tho’ I’m surprised that already they are ready to start fundraising for water and children’s center.  May they be ever blessed.  May u Nyla and the team be healthy and strong daily.

Something I could read!  And also an amazing insight into her character.  I am really looking forward to working with Anastasia, Katrina and the whole Mama Hope team.


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