About Us

Women at their water kioskWe believe that water should be an asset for millions of women around the world, not a burden. We imagine a world where water will help women transform their communities and their lives.

A lack of clean water access poses a significant restriction on the lives of many women in the developing world. By making these same women significant players, not simply objects of development,  we strive to give them the knowledge they need to succeed and a voice within their community.

Through targeted training in management, health and sanitation, we leverage human-centered design to involve the members of the community, particularly the women, in every step, from formulation to celebration. Water is a woman’s world and their involvement is essential.

We are part of a new movement of smaller non-profits intent on working more closely with the communities they serve.  We strive to listen, connect, and enable the communities.  By working only with communities that approach us and listening to find a solution and connect the community with resources that truly fits their needs, we work to bring sustainable solutions that can not only continue to serve communities for years to come, but help them thrive.