A Much Needed Pick Me Up

I have been feeling very discouraged this past week.

For the last two weeks I have actually been quite sick, so the majority of the things I have been able to do during that time were data-based (and writing these blogs for you lovely readers).  Needless to say, not a lot has gotten done so I feel a bit… stagnant.

On top of that, fundraising for a project like this is rather lonely business.  The majority of my time is spent sitting at a cafe, doing a myriad of things on the computer.  I am one of those people that gets energy from working and interacting with people, so this has been a slow drain on me as well.  I have been feeling lonely and isolated, like I’m beating my head against a wall for very little result.

But yesterday went quite a ways in helping that.

I have spoken briefly about the First Fifth program in a previous post, but it really is much more than your standard voluntourism program.  The first three months are not only dedicated to fundraising, but also to an intensive curriculum focused around international development, project management and working cross culturally.

The inaugural Global Advocates with the Mama Hope team.

Most importantly, to me anyway, all of us meet each week through a video conference to discuss that week’s readings, our fundraising, and any concerns or frustrations we have.  These meetings really allow us and the Mama Hope staff to support one another through this  ambitious endeavor.

Despite still feeling behind and struggling with a feeling akin to trying to lift an object that will not budge, the community I felt yesterday through the video conferencing yesterday was priceless for me.

Fundraising, particularly by yourself, can be such an isolating experience.  But these women (and den mother) have gone a long way in making it easier and is one of the greatest advantages of this program.


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