To Anonymous

Today I was initially going to write more about the water project, but I got the most amazing message from a donor and I wanted to share it.

I am just a little in love with the Aquarium of the Americas. Seriously, their Gulf of Mexico tank is AMAZING. This is the Caribbean Tunnel.

This last summer I had the opportunity to work for the Audubon Nature Institute (ANI) as an intern in their development department (for those of you not up on your nonprofit jargon, development is fundraising).  ANI is probably the largest nonprofit in the New Orleans area and they manage the zoo, the aquarium (I am just a little in love with this facility), the insectarium, and the endangered species research center.

The people I worked with at ANI were fantastic.  There is simply no other word for them.  They were helpful, upbeat and just amazing people to work with.  I really looked forward to every day I went in there.  I also learned a lot about fundraising with them, making me a lot more confident in this venture and something I consider beyond price.

At the end of my internship when I got the fellowship with Mama Hope they were all so incredibly enthusiastic and supportive.  When I was concerned about the fundraising goal for the project, they all expressed nothing but absolute faith in me, really inspiring me to be more sure in myself.  So when I sent out my emails to my friends and family regarding the project and the fundraising campaign, I made sure to include all of the people I worked with at ANI.  I assume one of them forwarded my email on to some other employees because today I received an anonymous donation with this note:

Larry passed your letter on to me. I am also an employee of Audubon and I have to say how inspired I am by your journey. My donation is minor, but heartfelt. I wish you very best on your journey and look forward to your blog updates.

This message is nothing short of amazing to me.  It absolutely made my night.

What inspires me to do this work is the opportunity to affect people’s lives in a positive way.  What I find so wonderful is that this is not limited to the people in Kenya; this includes the people here.

To Anonymous I want to say thank you, so much.  It truly means more to me than I can explain.


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