Turning Wine into Water

It’s November!  For those of you located in the United States, that means one thing: Turkey Time!!

Image courtesy of sipveritas.com

I love Thanksgiving.  It brings up memories of cranberry sauce, sweet potato casseroles, and, of course, turkey.  I remember one fateful Thanksgiving when I was 8 years old and my grandparents opted to prepare the turkey in the crock pot.  Unfortunately, my grandmother decided to cook it for considerably shorter than the recommended 9+ hours and the turkey jiggled.

It jiggled.

Needless to say we stopped by Burger King on our way home.

Ah, family, undoubtedly the reason for the most important part of Thanksgiving: the wine.

Unless, of course, you were eating dinner with my grandparents, then there were always  more than enough beer margaritas to go around.

I personally always make sure that my contribution to the Thanksgiving feast is an ample supply of wine simply to keep the peace (and because I really can’t cook). Perhaps it is due to my intentional contribution, but there is always more wine at these dinners than any other beverage, including water.  Which got me to thinking…

Everyone has heard about the story of that famous man turning water into wine. This Thanksgiving I want to perform another miracle. I want to turn WINE into WATER.

This year I am giving thanks for my ready access to safe, clean water, that I so often take for granted (hot bath here I come!). In celebration, I am raising $1,500 by Black Friday (just ONE WEEK!)  to help bring clean water and a drip-irrigated garden to a community in Kisumu, Kenya.

Water celebration at the OLPS site in Chiga, Kisumu, Kenya.

Many of the people in this community are caregivers and orphans of HIV/AIDS and they do not have access to clean water. This water will keep these orphans and their caregivers free from waterborne diseases and food shortages.

Just ONE BOTTLE of wine will give FIVE PEOPLE in Kenya access to water for life. Imagine how many people we can impact if we all gave a bottle of wine this Thanksgiving!!

If only it were that easy!

If you’re not a wine drinker, perhaps you would like to donate the cost of a bottle of Sparkling Cider. My personal favorite is a $16 bottle of Merlot from a wine shop down the street. If you have a favorite wine, please donate its cost!

Or, if you have particularly good taste, feel free to donate a $150 bottle of Dom Perignon! 😉

The amazing Terra Fossil Wines and I Love Wine! have joined us this year in giving thanks.  As wine lovers and aficionados, they know how important water is both to vinification and life!

Please help me turn wine into water this Thanksgiving. DONATE and give these people their own feast!!


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