Photographs of Chiga Village

Most of the amazing photographs that I have used both on this site and in flyers about this project were all shot by one woman: Sarah Rice.

Mama Hope attending a water celebration in Chiga village in Kisumu, Kenya, Saturday, August 11, 2012. — Sarah Rice, 2012

Earlier this year Sarah had the opportunity to travel with Mama Hope to Africa and document their projects and communities.  From this trip she produced a fantastic array of photographs that helps frame these communities as people first and foremost, not objects of pity or simply as a backdrop for our own ‘good’ work.

Sarah was in Kisumu, Kenya with Mama Hope to witness the tapping of the borehole and subsequent celebration.  The project I am working on will expand this project from its initial site into a nearby village where they will hopefully soon have their own celebration!

Community members getting water at the opening of the Chiga water borehole. — Sarah Rice, 2012

To see the community I am working with and that all of your generous donations are helping to support, go on over to her photo gallery and look at the amazing photos she has published!


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