Buy One, Get One Free Wine Sale!


I wish I was still playing Mario Kart.

It was only last night after three glasses of wine and five rounds of Mario Kart that I realized I had forgotten to post a blog at the end of last week.


Truly, I’m not very surprised.  The holiday season is a notoriously busy time and apparently only becomes more so while attempting to coordinate fundraising efforts, travel planning and project management.  But, I have to say that I prefer this much more than going into a desk job every day… it is simply much more invigorating and fulfilling.

I fly four weeks from today, precisely and I am both terrified and extremely excited.  I have very little idea of what to expect on the ground in Kenya and while I have traveled to many different countries, they were all European and certainly developed.  This trip is going to be a whole new animal.

But, there is much to do before I finally board that plane, most of which is fundraising oriented.  I feel like I’m finally getting a grip on things thanks to a whole crew of amazing people.  In the next month several events are in the works, including tabling, garage sales, another self-defense seminar and a farewell dinner.

But before all that, I have awesome, amazing and absolutely exciting news!!

One super fantastic person loved my Wine to Water campaign enough that they wanted me to continue it, and provided incentive.  I am now the owner of a shiny new $1,000 matching grant for a holiday Wine to Water push!!!


How often can you really get twice the bang for your buck?

I am calling it my Buy One, Get One Free Wine Sale.

A whole group of the most amazing people have stepped forward to help ensure I reach this goal, each setting a fundraising goal of $200 by January 1st.  They are absolute rock stars and have become my personal heroes!

I will also be joining them in this endeavor (no reason for them to labor alone!), creating my own table that I hope to populate with many bottles of wine!

There is much to do in the month running up to my newest adventure, enough that I often find myself overwhelmed and in over my head, but the sheer number of people that have stepped up and offered to help simply makes all of it so worthwhile.


3 thoughts on “Buy One, Get One Free Wine Sale!

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