In terms of an outreach event, there is nothing I could recommend more heartily than what I have taken to calling the Gratefulness Campaign.

Grateful Gifts

It’s a rather simple premise.  All you have to do is get some butcher paper, a bunch of colored pens and lay it out, either on the ground or on a table.  Then, you simply invite people to come and write what they are grateful for.  It is personally an incredibly gratifying way to table.  People are always so happy to come and talk about what they’re grateful about in their life, and truthfully, I love to hear it!  It is a very positive event.

More than a few people were grateful for beer and po-boys that day!

More than a few people were grateful for beer and po-boys that day!

The first time I had the opportunity to run this tabling event was a bit more than a month ago at the Po-Boy Preservation Festival.  At that festival, I found that liberal amounts of beer made people quite loquacious, and it truly was important to have water on hand since many people were very thirsty!  That event was more geared towards fundraising and we managed to raise nearly $170 (mostly from giving water as a thank you for donations!)!!

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to table at Hollygrove Market & Farm where there were certainly fewer people, but we had much more lively conversations since they were fully sober!  This event was geared more towards outreach, and I had the opportunity to speak with many amazing people about their lives and interests.

While many people at the Po-Boy Fest were grateful for beer and vodka, the people coming to Hollygrove consistently wrote down produce, gardens and vegetables!  But, the most popular overall was family.  Even though this was an outreach event, a handful of fantastic people donated to our matching grant holiday campaign.

Speaking of the holiday campaign, the amazingly talented Amanda LaPlaca donated her graphic design and screen printing skills to produce the most AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL print ever!!!

Amanda's beautiful prints

She explained the screen printing process to me and I am absolutely blown away by her generosity in taking so much of her time to produce these gorgeous prints to help raise funds for the water project.

Yes!  These ARE fundraising prints and you can own one of these fantastic pieces of art if you donate $50 or more to the holiday fundraiser!  Four amazing people have already decided that  they wanted one of these beautiful prints for their own wall while helping bring water to a community in Kenya!

I am so happy to announce that our fundraising team has already reached $875!!! and it’s not even January 1st yet!  I can’t believe we’re only $125 away from our $1,000 goal and I feel simply blessed to have had such an amazing group of people helping to make an impact on thousands of Kenyan lives.


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