Happy New Year!

Last year was… something else.  From car crashes to lay offs and a death in the family, the first six months was quite rough.  But I have to say that the second half of 2012 was absolutely incredible.  From interning with the fantastic crew at Audubon Nature Institute to being accepted into this amazing fellowship, it has been something else and more than worth it.

It really is quite beautiful.  Fourth of July is even better with the Dueling Barges.

New Years on the Mississippi. Fourth of July is even better with the Dueling Barges.

The holiday Wine to Water campaign was a complete success.  With the matching grant, we raised $2,285 in only THREE weeks, bringing the total raised to $4,830.  I wholeheartedly thank everyone who donated to make that possible and I am especially grateful for the people that championed this cause as their own.  Without their help, this would not have been possible.

I actually met my own $500 goal for this fundraiser two hours early, sending me out into the streets of New Orleans to celebrate the success and the New Year.  For those of you who have never spent a New Year’s in New Orleans, I very much recommend it.

Hair of the dog, and all that rot.

Hair of the dog and all that rot.

I also heartily recommend bacon and mimosas for your New Years Day hangover.  That is what I had this morning and it certainly helped quite a bit after the French Quarter festivities.

There are only three weeks left until I fly to Kenya and I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store.

Happy New Year!


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