Karibu!  Welcome!  Welcome to Kenya.


The view over Nairobi.

Katrina and I landed in Kisumu, Kenya two days ago, after a harrowing 35 hours in transit.  The amazing people are OLPS met us at the airport and what followed was a whirlwind.

I must admit, due to sheer sleep deprivation the day is a bit patchy.  We got our Kenyan phones and phone numbers as well as the Safaricom USB modems.  As far as I can describe, these modems connect computers to the internet the way smart phones do.  It is wireless, anywhere, and uses up data packets that must be purchased in advance.

Needless to say we are working on a steep learning curve right now.  I am also beginning to get a real understanding of African time.  We were dropped off at Anastasia’s house for ‘an hour’ and were retrieved five hours later.

Anastasia's house, only a 3 minute walk from where we are currently living.

Anastasia’s house, only a 3 minute walk from where we are currently living.

We have an awesome house where we are living like Queens.  We have electricity, running water, a shower (of sorts), a toilet, a fridge, a microwave, and a camp cooking stove.  Anastasia has decided to get us a toaster.  Queens, I tell you.

And I have only gotten three mosquito bites.

We are slowly learning our way around thanks to the generosity of some of the people at OLPS.  We have now traveled via tuk-tuk and will be using the matatus frequently to get to town, the Tusky’s (a grocery store) and the market.

Right now we are just settling in, getting over jet lag (not a small feat with a 9 hour time difference), and learning our way around.  More pictures will follow as people get used to the mzungus hanging around and more stories once my brain has caught up with my body.

Until next time!  Kwaheri!


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