Pilfering Monkeys and Tanzanian Lessons


The view of Mt. Kilimanjaro from my hostel.  Moshi is beautiful and I highly suggest everyone visit.

I learned a couple important lessons while vacationing in Tanzania during the Kenyan elections.

Lesson 1:  It is vitally important to ensure that your sunblock is waterproof when you sneak into a hotel pool for the day, particularly when you take a malaria medication that makes you photosensitive.  If you do not check, your subsequent transformation into a lobster will make the six hour bus ride from Moshi to Nairobi incredibly uncomfortable.

The muffin pilfering monkey, post-theft.

The muffin pilfering monkey, post-theft.

Lesson 2:   When on safari in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, the vervet monkeys will dive bomb you for your muffin.  You will have no warning before four paws hit your metal table, the echoing bang causing you to freeze just long enough for one of those dexterous paws to reach in and grab part of your meal.  Poor Martina had went muffin-less for lunch that day.

Lesson 3:  The world will go on spinning without you and the best thing you can do is try to jump right back on.

While I had a wonderful time in Tanzania with two other advocates Stephanie and Martina, I am so happy to be back in Kenya and working on the water kiosk!

Look at the beautiful columns!  The first columns raise the building another 3m to a total of six meters, then they build a crossbeam for support before pouring more columns to raise the kiosk to a total of 9 meters.

Look at the beautiful new columns!

The progress already made on the extension has been incredible.  Despite the disruption of the election, the extension of the water tower is just about complete.  This week they will be laying the slab to carry the 10,000L water tank and fabricating the ladder and guard rails.

We will also be starting to dig the trenches this week, laying the pipeline necessary to carry water from the original borehole to the new kiosk.

Hopefully my fundraising efforts can keep up with the pace of construction!  With $8,000 raised I can make a good dent in this project, but it is a long way from the $20,000 goal.

With the elections safely behind us and success in front of us how can I be anything but hopeful?


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