The home stretch… mired in the long rains.

Seven days.

Just seven days until I fly home.  When did that happen?

The last three months somehow almost crawled and sped by, reminding me more of the matatus that speed through stretches of road only to slam on the breaks at a junction where we proceed to wait, and wait.

Oh right, African time.

Once all the materials are in place, construction can happen VERY QUICKLY in Kenya.

Once all the materials are in place, construction can happen VERY QUICKLY in Kenya.

In a previous blog I wondered what else could possibly go wrong?  Well, nothing went wrong, per say, but none of the Kenyans thought to let the mzungu in on what is common knowledge.  During the long rains, transportation along dirt roads becomes… tricky.  It is completely feasible and entirely likely that a lorry filled with 8 tons of construction materials will become irrevocably mired in mud.

Have I mentioned that it’s been quite damp here in Kenya?

It took several days and two different sizes of tractor to get it out, so the current estimate for the arrival of clean water in Kadiju is next Tuesday, the same day I leave.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!

The water tower is just about complete!  The only part remaining is some plastering to make the columns pretty which was interrupted by a funeral (something that happens disturbingly often).

We've come a long way, baby!

We’ve come a long way, baby!

The tank we raised is now FULL! with a whopping 10 tons of water on that tower.  I now understand why it has taken so much time, effort and sheer engineering to get this water tower up.

I am not sure how I feel about only having a week left here in Kisumu.  I am certainly homesick after three months away and I am looking forward to seeing everyone back at home, but I can’t imagine no longer living here or working with these amazing people.

One step at a time.  First, finish the kiosk.  On the 23rd, get on the plane home.  Then and only then am I allowed to start missing Kenya.


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