Kwaheri Kenya

I really should know better than to ask what else could go wrong.

This is actually a pretty good depiction of how I have been feeling for the last week.

This is actually a pretty good depiction of how I have been feeling for the last week.

I know the stereotype… the protagonist in a novel goes through a ridiculous series of missteps and then makes the mistake of saying, “Well what else can possibly go wrong?”  And off course in the very next chapter her house mysteriously explodes.  The source?  A previously unknown gas main that happened to be stepped on by a random horse inciting a slow leakage that wouldn’t have been a problem except that it was a bit too close to a backfiring car.

Well, my house didn’t explode, thankfully, but I have now had the ‘true’ African experience and have been laid up for the last half week with malaria.

It snuck up on me in a matter of a couple of hours last week and suddenly I was down for the count, alternating between cold and hot sweats and wishing that someone would put me out of my misery.

Incidentally, Katrina came down with it for the second time in two weeks a whopping 12 hours after I did.  We were oh-so-attractively rolling around on the concrete floor in front of the fan for a couple of hours the first night.

I don’t recommend the experience.

I am well now, just in time for my flight (if barely).  Tomorrow afternoon I will board Kenya Airways from Kisumu, leaving Kenya behind for my home country.  Much has been accomplished here, and so much remains, from fundraising another $10,000 to finishing the kiosk and providing the caregivers with training… but it has been an amazing experience that has certainly changed me, hopefully into a better person.



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