Midpoint at Mama Maji

This summer we hosting an intern from Tulane University’s Newcomb College Institute. The Newcomb College Institute is an organization determined to provide vibrant, intellectually rigorous programming on women’s issues for the university community. We are a proud partner of the Newcomb College Institute and are excited to be working with Laura this summer.

Laura is a rising senior at Tulane studying Latin Studies and international development. This summer she is working on starting a Catalyst Club on the Tulane campus to tie passionate students into Mama Maji and the greater global community of Changemakers!

My internship is unique in that I am working at an organization that values women first and foremost. Their belief is that women are the changemakers and all of the work that they do follows this mentality. More importantly, however, is the fact that the way they operate follows this mission as well. This is something I noticed from the get go in the way I was regarded by the organization, even as an intern, and something that I am very proud of.

From the onset I felt valued at Mama Maji. Like many young women, I tend to be insecure about my myself, my ideas, and the work I am able to produce. After just a few weeks at Mama Maji, however, I am already starting to let go of those doubts and embrace the kind of confidence that the organization strives to instill in all of the women they…

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