Where are the men?

At Mama Maji, we strive to give women the tools and training they need to provide clean water for their families, leaving more time to devote to things such as pursuing an education, finding a job, and supporting their families.

A favorite phrase of co-founder Brian Manning is “We work wherever women are,” and I’ve recently begun to get the question – “Well, where are the men?” And that is an important consideration!

Men born in rural African communities often travel to urban areas to find work and send money home to the families. Women are left to domestic duties, which is where water collection and maintenance fall.

A lot of other organizations fail because they work primarily with men, teaching them how to build and maintain water projects. Once the work is done, the men must return back to their jobs, taking their knowledge and skills with them. If the water project breaks, there is no one around to fix it, and the communities revert back to their contaminated water collection. That’s why between 40-60% of water projects across Africa are failing.

THIS is why we train the women. This is why these tools are so vital to their communities – this is why we work where women are to empower them to change their world through water.


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