Benjamin Franklin Elementary – Young Catalysts

Earlier this week we began the first steps in our Young Catalyst Program at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School! We have partnered with the school to turn their unsafe, overgrown garden into a fun and interactive space to teach the children about water, irrigation, and growing crops!

This is what we started with:


Rotaract at Tulane has taken on the responsibility of clearing out what was before, rebuilding, and then turning the site over to us for the program! President Victoria King and PR Chair Max Hill came out on Monday to start the process of clearing out the remains of the last garden to rebuild from the ground up!

12170664_1019153854773254_1245746777_n 12167694_1019153858106587_1888766034_n

After two hours of work, we removed most of the overgrown grasses, and things looked a lot better!


We have already laid out a plan for our next steps and the removal of all existing beds to be reformed into a new, better structured design for teaching, and we expect all work to be completed before Thanksgiving!

Be watching out for updates over the next couple of weeks to see Rotaract’s progress, we can’t wait to start teaching the Young Catalysts in January with Max Hill as our Master Gardener!


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