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“I love that I’m learning something useful, and I’m getting to change a life.” – Student, A.B Freeman School of Business

B-Tides  Story Telling for Change 2015

The world is changing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The voice of the individual always has an audience now. And the voice of a movement always has a platform. The question is “Is anyone listening?”.

On Saturday, October 24th, students from the Tulane A.B Freeman School of Business partnered with Mama Maji to try something new, a Digital Day of Service. Instead of going out and painting a fence or clearing a lot, or picking up trash, 54 students came together to volunteer their time in one effort. The goal? To build a mini movement, lending Mama Maji their most valuable asset; their voice.

They spent the morning learning how to use technology, network mapping, relationship building, and storytelling to start and build a movement. The students spent the rest of the day in teams, mapping out their networks and rolling out a soft launch of their awareness campaigns. At at precisely 1:30 PM all 54 students launched their campaign leveraging the #Wateris to bring awareness to the impact of water in our lives.

And were people listening? YES!

The impact of the students’ campaigns was undeniable. Their campaigns reached people across the US gathering likes and shares as they went, spreading their message far and wide. By the end of the day the average post had been seen by 1,472 people and the winning student team, aptly named “Amjad’s Finest” after their instructor, had gotten 8 shares and even been posted to a fashion companies page reaching an audience of 14,000!

Their efforts even reached the ears of a foundation on the other side of the country drawing their attention to the plight of women half way round the world.

But the most incredible impact was on the students themselves as they walked away with the confidence and the tools they need to tap into the power of the crowd. Something that some of them are already thinking of using to start their own businesses down the line.

Tulane A.B.  Freeman School of Business

Tulane A.B. Freeman School of Business

What do you get when you combine 54 Tulane Business students, technology, and a cause they care about?