Drink local Think global

Drink Local Think Global’s Co-Founder, Lauren Goodell is feeling right at home here in New Orleans and if there has ever been an organization that connects with the heart of New Orleans “Drink Local Think Global” belongs in the Big Easy.


Drink Local Think Global was founded on a common passion for helping others…and craft beer. Lauren and three of her friends started the organization after deciding that they wanted to do something about the global water crisis that affects 663 million people worldwide. It all began with a single fundraiser in a local brewery where the goal was to raise enough to build one well. They quickly realized that getting people together for a drink, especially when it’s for a good cause, is easy and a great way to raise money. Now, they’ve just celebrated one year as an official nonprofit organization.

This journey has not been without its ups-and-downs. A challenge they continue to face is that they are now all based in different cities. Distance makes organization and planning more difficult, but Lauren also sees it as an opportunity to expand and draw attention to their mission from national supporters.

There are big things in store for Lauren and the other founders. Within in the next five years, they hope to have enough private funding for the founders to be able to work for Drink Local Think Global full-time. Right now, they are all volunteers with busy jobs and lives, but they would love to be able to dedicate everyday to solving the global water crisis and saving lives. Because they partner with partners with local contacts for the physical building of each of the water projects, they have yet to visit all the communities they’ve helped or meet all of the people that are healthier and happier because of all of their hard work. They’re planning their first trip as a team for 2018.


“Less than $5 can provide clean water for a person for 1 year and save their life. That’s about what we spend on a beer or a coffee.”


Lauren says that those are the numbers that really resonate with her and they’re what she uses to educate people on how affordable it is to provide clean water for people in developing countries. It’s easy to donate when you think about how much you spend on a night out or on your way to work every morning.

We can’t wait to see what Lauren and Drink Local Think Global are going to bring to New Orleans and Mama Maji is excited to help them take NOLA to the world.
If you would like to help Drink Local Think Global change lives come out to the NOLA iNights every second Thursday and join us for a drink as we all come together to make our world a better place.