About Us

Water is a women’s issue.Women at their water kiosk

We believe that through connecting women in a common effort of change, addressing the biggest challenge to women globally, we can shift the world.

So long as there are women whose lives and voices are limited by their circumstances, no woman can remain silent.

And water is the first step.

A lack of clean water access poses a the biggest limitation on the lives of many women throughout the world, but it also poses the biggest opportunity.

Water projects worldwide have a failure rate of 60%, which means that out of every five villages investing their time, hopes and futures on a water project, three villages never realize their dreams. Women deserve better.

By connecting women throughout the world in a common effort of change, all women will rise. Workshops empowering women in New Orleans help fund workshops in the developing world. Catalysts from San Francisco invest in projects in Kenya, developing and deepening relationships, the true currency of a global economy. By making these same women significant players, not simply objects of development, we strive to give them the knowledge they need to succeed and a voice within their community. Through water, women will invest in each other and realize their vision of the world.

We believe that water should be an asset for millions of women around the world, not a burden.

We believe in a world where women will transform their communities and their lives.