Chiga Community Water and Sanitation Project

Africa-Icon-Kalusi-KioskThe Chiga Community Water and Sanitation Project began simply: with a woman standing up from her community and asking for it.

In 2012, Our Lady of Perpetual Support (OLPS) in partnership with Mama Hope drilled a deep well in the community of Chiga on the outskirts of Kisumu in Kenya.

The water was initially intended to irrigate a farm onsite that is used to supplement the diets of the orphans sponsored by OLPS, but with the quality and quantity of water tapped, they decided to build a water station on top of the well to provide clean water to the surrounding community.

The day that the construction was complete the community came together to celebrate and one woman stepped forward. That woman spoke for herself and for her family. She stood up for her entire community to request that the water be brought to her village.

It was on that day that the Chiga Community Water and Sanitation Project was born.