The Next Step: Kamrongo Kiosk


Approximately 1.5 kilometers from the borehole and 2 kilometers from the Kalucy Kiosk, the women from the village of Kamrongo have stepped forward and asked us to expand the Chiga Community Water and Sanitation Project into their community.

Every day the women of this community must make a choice…

Either they must collect clean water from a source two kilometers away, adding hours each day to the task and taking time away from income-generating activities.

Or they must collect water from a closer, contaminated source, giving them more time to work and grow food, but significantly impacting the health of their families.

Water for these women means a business that will put their daughters into school. Clean water for these women means they won’t have to spent a weeks worth of income every month to treat their child for typhoid. Water for these women means the biggest barrier to their education and success will be eliminated, providing them the time and money to rise up and transform their lives. For these women, water means change.

In response to the need in their villages, the wider Chiga community came together to create a project work plan to bring water first to Kamrongo, then to the surrounding villages. The work plan for the Kamrongo expansion comes in three phases:

PHASE I | Complete – June 2015Chiga Community Health Volunteers
The first phase of this project was the education of 30 community volunteers to become health advocates for their community. Each area elected two volunteers to attend a 5-day training on water, health, and sanitation facilitated by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. While 30 volunteers were elected to attend, two had to drop out during the training and 28 people received certification as Community Health Volunteers.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as there was a serious cholera outbreak shortly after their training. While the health workers in the region were busy trying to contain the outbreak, the 28 Community Health Volunteers newly trained and ordained as water and sanitation advocates mobilized in the local churches to provide sanitation and water purification education to their neighbors, even starting a collection within their community to fund water purification demonstrations onsite.

PHASE II | Funded and In Progress – July 2015Groundbreaking of the Kamrongo Kiosk
The second phase of the Kamrongo expansion is the construction of the building that will be used to vend water to the community.

The groundbreaking occurred July 7th, 2015 and was attended by the local Community Health Volunteers, government representatives, and community volunteers. We anticipate the construction of the kiosk will be completed by the end of July and will serve as the representation of the water project for the local community until we can connect the pipelines necessary to bring water to the village.

PHASE III | Raising Funds
Pipe laying makes up the third and final phase of the project. The pipes also constitute the most important, and expensive, part of the project. Not only do the pipes provide water to the kiosk, ensuring the most impoverished in the community can access clean water at an affordable rate, but they also serve as the foundation for sustainability of the entire system by providing the opportunity for home taps along the pipeline.

As the most expensive part of this project, we are still raising funds for the pipeline. Please consider being a part of this project and invest in these women by building a pipeline.

Invest in these Women